Spring 2014

Apparently several seasons got away from us without writing an update. It was a long, dark, cold winter tinged with both tragedy and joy. But today is a day to be inspired. The tender young apple, peach, pear and plum trees are leafing out. The cliff swallows are furiously gathering mud to build their colonial nests. The bittern is glug-glubing in the marshy meadow while snipe make their winnowing sound overhead and bobolink flitter by happily singing their musical song. The clever chickens are hiding under the coop while a bald eagle soars overhead and a lone cow braved the electric fence to reach the irresistible belly-deep grass. Bright pink peony buds are preparing to burst and the lavender lilac is just beginning to smell sweet. One daughter spins barefoot and bends down to pick dandelions while the other sleeps in the shade of the crab apple tree. Gabe is putting up fences and turning over warm earth in the garden. At last, at last, and in full bloom – spring is here.


Breaking out to reach fresh grass

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