Ordering Beef

Ordering Beef From Cold Spring Ranch


Ordering: We enjoy getting to know our customers so for questions or orders please email Gabe at gabe.clark@coldspringranch.com.

Availability: Our beef is currently available in a number of different packages (see right), each designed to fit a different lifestyle. We try to make beef available year round, but at times we may sell out and have to start a wait list. We have fresh beef available year-round at Whole Foods Market in Portland and at other stores and restaurants listed below.

Pick up and delivery:  All of our beef is frozen for pick-up and/or delivery unless special arrangements are made. We try to deliver beef to a central location in Portland once a month or  you can make an appointment for a pick-up at the Ranch.

Payment: We take payments in check, cash or credit card.

Further information: All of our beef is processed under USDA inspection at Luce’s Meats near by in North Anson, Maine. Each cut of meat is cryovacked individually with our label, and will have the cut name on the label, as well as the date it was processed.  Be sure to check out the recipes we’ve created over the years.

Boxes of Beef

25 lb Box
9 lbs steak (6 to 8)
8 lbs roast (2 to 3)
8 lbs burger in 1 lb packs

This box of beef will usually fit into the freezer of a conventional refrigerator/freezer, with room to spare for your ice, peas, and ice cream.

50 lb Box
18 lbs steak (12-16)
16 lbs roast (4-6)
16 lbs burger in 1 lb packs

100 lb Box
36 lbs steak (24-32)
32 lbs roast (8-12)
32 lbs burger in 1 lb packs

Boxes may include any of the following cuts of steak: filet, rib eye, t-bone, porterhouse, NY sirloin, tip steak, hanger, flank steak, and others. We can email you the entire list of all the cuts we provide.

Sides of Beef

For those who prefer to have their beef custom cut, we sell entire half sides of beef. Please email for specific pricing.